In Our Illinois Concealed Carry Classroom we incorporate both actual and training firearms to give all students the complete experience.IL CCW Classes has plenty of space to accommodate aiming and drawing from concealment drills with our SIRT laser training firearms. The classroom is dedicated to firearms training only and can accommodate Illinois concealed carry class sizes from 1 up to 75 students​ 

At IL CCW Classes our classroom is dedicated to your training only.IL CCW Classes has one focus, to give you the most thorough firearms permit and safety training possible. IL CCW Classes staff and students are there for one purpose – providing the best learning environment for shooters with all levels of experience

Why Choose IL CCW Classes for Your Concealed Carry Permit and Firearm Training?

Application services

Need help applying for your permit,, No Problem. IL CCW Classes can help you with the application process.

Hands on training

At IL CCW Classes learn how to load, unload and clean all three hand gun action types.

IL Approved Biometric

Finger Print ServiceS

IL CCW Classes offers the finest Illinois concealed carry permit and firearm training available.

Class Fees (Range Fee is included in price):

16 Hour Class - $225

12 Hour Class - $200

8 Hour Class - $175

Firearm Rental - $30 .22 & $50 9mm - Includes ammo

Class Schedules are listed on the Register Page

Private Classes are also available from 1 to 100, please call Jim @ 847-343-7221 to arrange.

IL CCW Live-Fire



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What IL CCW Classes offer

ILLINOIS Concealed Carry Classes

Drawing from concealment drills

Learn the fundamentals of drawing and shooting with our SIRT training handguns from IL CCW Classes

IL State Police & NRA

Certified Instructors

Illinois ConcealED Carry Classes

IL CCW Classes philosophy